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Saturday, July 18, 2015

DunGen in the Afternoon

Just a couple small changes this time - it's surprising how long a small change can take to code.

Finally fixed the NPC levels bug, so you won't see 4th level novice adventurers any more.

It's old school, so there really ought to be a wandering monsters list. Now a dungeon starts with one in the notes field, its length scales with the number of nodes.


One last feature for the day - adding templates to monsters. If undead, demon, or devil is in the selected tags, some other monsters will pick up a templating adjective and become "undead gnolls" or "demonic lizards". The "undead" triggers on a roll of 1 or 2, "demonic" and "infernal" on a 1 each, but are mutually exclusive and exclusive with "dragon", so you can have an "undead demonic giant" but not a "demonic infernal orc" or "demonic adult dragon".

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