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Saturday, July 18, 2015

DunGen now has themes for places and paths!

So now you can set it up for a Goblin Cave with Water Features (for example) with minimal effort. I'd tweak these results a bit after generation before running a game, but the raw results are getting pretty good and focused.

1: DenHook: symbolic item of clothing
2: Vast cavernTs: 1 x 300 GP gem, 1 x 200 GP gem
3: Bridge across underground riverA mummified creature
4: Underground riverbankA broken helm
M: 5 irritated tunnel wolves
Ts: 14 x 50 GP gem, 640 gold, 42 platinum
Mg: Scroll with one holy spell
5: Boneyard caveA wind rises as PCs enter, blowing the furnishings their way
6: Bridge across underground riverM: 1 vituperative goblin
M: 2 wary giant ticks
7: IntersectionM: 1 bitter hobgoblin
Ts: 1 x 2000 GP gem, 1 x 600 GP gem
Mg: Staff of Wizardry
Mg: Potion of Flight
8: IntersectionM: 1 tunnel wolf
Ts: 1 x 300 GP gem, 9 gold
Hook: rare trade goods
9: Cave inM: 2 tunnel wolves
Ts: Ring worth 329 GP, 109 silver
Mg: Staff of Three Spells
10: FountainM: 1 satiated goblin
Ts: Vessel worth 720 GP
Mg: Dagger +1, 
11: DenHook: mosaic floor
12: IntersectionM: 2 goblins
13: Underground river fordA sundered shield
M: 3 starving tunnel wolves
Ts: 1225 silver
Mg: Ring of Fire Resistance
14: IntersectionM: 3 goblins
M: 2 hobgoblins
Ts: 2196 silver, 878 silver
Mg: Book
15: Fortified cavernM: 3 orcs
16: LandingM: 8 dissolute goblins
17: Boneyard caveA burning brazier
18: Branching caveTp: open pit, triggered by a bound spirit
Ts: 100 silver, 60 silver
19: AquaductEmpty
20: ChasmTp: portcullis trap
Ts: 1 x 600 GP gem, 1 x 100 GP gem
Hook: map showing a secret path
21: MoatTp: slippery oil trap, triggered by weight
M: 1 mushroom man
Ts: 700 silver, Tiara worth 63 GP
Mg: Scroll of spells
Hook: map to deeper level
scree slope in cavern7: Intersection to 15: Fortified cavern
well12: Intersection to 15: Fortified cavern
pit14: Intersection to 15: Fortified cavern
channel19: Aquaduct to 12: Intersection
scree slope in cavern20: Chasm to 15: Fortified cavern
partial cave-in5: Boneyard cave to 14: Intersection
subterranean river17: Boneyard cave to 15: Fortified cavern
winch over cliff ledge10: Fountain to 14: Intersection
streambed2: Vast cavern to 17: Boneyard cave
partial cave-in6: Bridge across underground river to 5: Boneyard cave
ledge21: Moat to 20: Chasm
vent8: Intersection to 14: Intersection
shaft13: Underground river ford to 15: Fortified cavern
underground stream18: Branching cave to 10: Fountain
underground stream4: Underground riverbank to 19: Aquaduct
flooded passage1: Den to 20: Chasm
chasm ledge path9: Cave in to 19: Aquaduct
well16: Landing to 8: Intersection
narrow tunnel3: Bridge across underground river to 7: Intersection
subterranean river11: Den to 9: Cave in

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