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Monday, October 26, 2015

DunGen - Fleshing out NPCs a bit.

Non player characters now have names, from a basic name generator. It will get better by iteration. They also have very rough stats now. You'll see some marked as "smart" or "strong" or "clumsy" or "uninspiring", etc indicating high and low attributes. They are limited to two high or low stats, since they represent what is exceptionally noticeable, and the line looks cluttered when there are more. Stats that aren't mentioned are midrange. You might want to figure that a dullwitted mage is actually about normal intelligence, at the bottom end of mages, and make similar accomodations to class minima. The really lucky NPC also gets a magic item, beyond whatever is in the room loot. Higher level NPCs tend to have items more often and better weapon and armor bonuses on their items. The item might even be useful for the character's class, but that's purely random currently.

Here's the unedited key from the previous post's map as an example:

LocationDescription (click in a cell to edit)
1: QuartersHook: symbolic piece of jewelry
2: MillM: 1 scheming porting hound
Hook: inscription on wall
3: QuartersM: 16 lizards, one is sick
Ts: 4156 silver, Jewelled Belt worth 1454 GP
Mg: Potion of Disguise
Mg: Potion of Silence
4: BarracksA water drain channel in the floor
5: TowerM: 2 hell hounds, one is eccentric
Ts: 48921 copper
Mg: Wand of Spell Penetration (-2 to target save vs spell)
Mg: Potion of Treasure finding
6: SewerEmpty
7: Guard roomM: 16 veteran adventurers:
Zormund: wise assassin 1
Staazor: thief 2, has Leather armor +1,
Frovinc: paladin 2
Jasud: dullwitted assassin 2
Ninmund: cleric 2
Winsind: weak, insane warlock 2
Goromir: delicate, bantering druid 1
Henwhistle: delicate, smart cleric 2
Gorwhistle: uninspiring, weak mage 2
Bavend: foolish, eccentric assassin 1
Banmund: weak cleric 1, has Strong healing potion
Omerdor: illusionist 1
Aescdon: thief 1
Anick: mage 2
Gaiessa: ranger 1, has Wand of Firestarting
Noskand: tough, charismatic fighter 1
8: LockupMushrooms
M: 8 veteran adventurers:
Atriril: tough, clumsy, forthright fighter 3, has Broadsword +3,
Quiond: cleric 4
Denthor: exceptionally well armed sorceror 3
Bengast: weak shaman 5, has Codex
Norvend: starving ranger 4
Enasud: fighter 5, has Clown suit of Creepiness
Nindred: weak, stoned thief 4
Quezul: foolish mage 4
Hook: captive
9: WellTp: burning oil trap
M: 6 ensorcelled giant snakes
M: 1 heroic adventurer:
Dorskand: assassin 5
Ts: 41 x 10 GP gem, Vessel worth 498 GP
Mg: Staff of Power
10: BarracksTs: 1870 gold, 1 x 600 GP gem, 935 gold
Mg: Scroll of spells
11: KennelM: 3 heroic adventurers:
Lesud: fighter 8, has Dagger +4, +2 damage to favored enemy
Enavinc: cleric 6
Gantros: condescending shaman 6, has Scroll of spells
Ts: 1 x 300 GP gem, 212 gold, 212 gold
12: QuartersM: 2 giant spiders
13: StablesM: 2 tired giant lizards
Hook: howling wind
14: Barricaded entranceThe door closes behind with a slam.
15: QuartersHook: distinctive arrow, quarrel, or sling bullet

It shows the bug where novice adventurers are sometimes labeled as veterans. Need to chase that down. But hey! Names, roughed in attributes, and magic items on guys!

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