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Thursday, October 8, 2015

Frostgrave setup variant

Saturday we played our first game of Frostgrave. We had four players, and somewhat larger table size, with ruins running roughly diagonally, so I tweaked the setup rules:

Set out four setup zone markers, each about 6 inches out from the ruins and space out pretty evenly around the table. Each player will setup within 3 inches of one of these markers.

Each player will set up three treasure markers, one at a time, in rotation around the table. Each treasure marker should be 9" or more from a board edge, 9" or more from a setup marker, and 6" or more from any other treasure marker.

Roll randomly for which wizard sets up from which setup marker after treasure markers are out.

This should lead to more interesting set ups than "I set up my treasures as close as possible to me and you set up yours as close as possible to you", so they go to the places that seem more like treasure locations in the scenery. But they'll go out in a reasonably balanced fashion since you don't know who starts where.

Aaron looks over the table after terrain setup. We didn't do use the ice floes and boats at the far end as playable ground in this scenario, but might do something with that later. The buildings are TerraClips printed cardboard terrain, mostly from the Streets & Buildings of Malifaux sets, with some pieces from the dungeons sets.

Dave's Elementalist warband

 My archers and undead wardogs mistakenly pile up in cover, soon to be fireballed by Dave's Elementalist Apprentice.

John's goblins are heading up the stairs with one treasure marker and heading for the one near the altar atop the building to the right. But then they are surprised by a White Ape that appeared as a wandering monster in response to another pickup. Instead of starting all monsters from an edge, we diced a random grid position on the table, by dividing a long edge and a side edge into die increments. The ape popped up about 3" from the goblin treasure bearer.

 Aaron measures a move as John looks on. We played in John's kitchen.

 My Necromantic gang tries unsuccessfully to jump Dave's guy carrying away from the cauldron, but we did get his Apprentice that was covering the withdrawal.
John's Goblins chased up the stairs by the White Ape. Wounding it at the base of the stairs only infuriated it and it took out two goblins and chased the Orc Wizard right off the roof before he could grab the loot there.