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Sunday, October 25, 2015

DunGen styling is working

Check out the Style button. Since last post, there are now several style attributes that can be changed, to be used in generating a new dungeon or applied to the current one, and the edit dialogs for nodes and edges let you custom style individual ones, so you can do things like visually call out the entrance and the boss room, or color sets of rooms by faction. The code for all the dialogs is much cleaned up if you want to look behind the curtain.

Handy link:  DunGen

There are a lot more attributes that can be styled in the VisJS engine, so many that to expose them all would be both tedious and a really cluttered UI, so plans are to add just the ones that seem most useful.  The one I am most excited about trying is to add images to nodes. I'll  need to collect or draw a batch and add image setting to the UI.  For now though, it is pretty good proof of concept on styling and I'll shift back to adding content.

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