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Sunday, November 17, 2013

Camp Table Skirmish Minimaxing time

So how breakable is this point system? What's the most potent 10 point figure you can make in Camp Table Skirmish?

Maybe this?
Dervish Mage
1 for figure
1 to move 6"
4 +3 to hit
3 AOE 2"  -- without range paid, this is a PBAOE.
1 extra wound

Might swap the extra wound for another 3" of movement to close faster or for "reach" to get to attack first at contact. Though, if they do the closing on figures that already moved, they would be able to burst without actually contacting for melee on their own location and catch enemies in the edge of the burst.

These would have to fight in a loose skirmish line, as I did not allow for AOEs to exclude hitting friends.
They would be vulnerable to faster ranged attackers, but devastating up close.

If they are too powerful, not excluding self from a PBAOE would probably do it.

I also noticed while going over the table that we accidentally cheated a bit in the playtest game, as written there is a cost to move and shoot in the same turn that I did not pay in the troop buy on the archers. Should put a note into the combat rules, not just the purchase table.

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