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Saturday, November 16, 2013

Camp Table Skirmish Playtest Report

I dragooned my daughter into playing with me. She's played some RPGs before but this is the first minis game I've pulled her into. Haven't run many around home in a long while.

We played in a corner of my overburdened gaming and crafting table. Pushed enough crap out of the way to make a space about 3 feet on a side. Still have a lot of boxes and mess from the packing and unpacking of the convention game, looming at the edges of photos.

She chose the Orc side and decided to keep the first move I had made when I had started to solo before she joined in, rather than reset.

Found a few things to clean up in the rules, and have already typed in part of the fixes.

 The doughty village militia come from my Saga collection. The villains are a mix of old Games Workshop and similar figures from my D&D collection.

 At the end of the first move, the militia archers drew first blood, killing a couple of goblin spears, barely visible below the troll in the distance.

The troll and goblin spears moving faster than the orcs, the melee opened first on the left of this shot

A closer shot of the opening melee. I should have used a smaller figure for the troll or statted him with long reach.

General melee with the orcs getting the upper hand.

Both sides have thinned but the militia more so. Every melee orc that had to make an armor save on a 5-6 succeeded, leaving our hero Squire John quite frustrated with his sword that failed to bite again and again.

The end. Squire John is wounded and retreating across the bridge, just out of the shot to the left. With their spears all dead and enough archers down to reach 50%, an army morale check on an archer failed, ending the game. I didn't keep track, but it was about six or seven turns. It took about two hours.

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