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Friday, November 1, 2013

Well, that was a flop

Got to Conquest Avalon early and well enough prepared. Spent the afternoon setting up dungeon scenery and troops. Was satisfied with the look and the map topology being good for a wargame mini-sandbox.

 The minis room was thinly attended. Had a lot of compliments on the look of the game, but no players. Was outcompeted by the Zombiecide game for minis players of a non-historical bent.

It looked really good, and having it all set up, it became evident it would have looked even better with a black or grey groundcloth underneath it all. Will do that next time I set up a table full of dungeon.  

Next time I do a big dungeon convention game, I'm going to do it under the aegis of the RPG part of the convention I think. More likely to get takers that way. 

Soloed a couple turns while waiting around to see if anybody would take an interest, and worked out a few more tweaks to it. Will get some pictures up in a bit.


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