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Sunday, November 24, 2013

Painting WWII again

Aaron's got me interested in Too Fat Lardies' Chain of Command rules. The local group is playing in 28mm, so I'm painting up what little I have and buying a bit more to round out a platoon or two. I had a squad's worth of Germans in greatcoats from Old Glory half painted for a long time and a bag of four MG teams totally unstarted. To that I added a couple of bargain bin packs of Artizan German riflemen in Greatcoats I came across, which adds another 16 rifles. On the other side I had a box of Wargames Factory Chindits and a few Artizan LRDG that I had intended to use someday in the Savage Worlds adventure Day After Ragnarok. Added a few more bargain bin packs of LRDG and Aussies which will give me close to a platoon for North Africa if I paint the Chindits more Khaki and less green. Got the Germans and some of the LRDG & Aussies based last night on my favorite bases, 7/8" fender washers. This morning, they got a coat of thinned Aleene's tacky glue on the bases, a dip in a mixed pot of ballast and stone texture, a blast with a hair dryer to speed drying and some drying time, another coat of thinned glue on the base to lock down the texture, and another blast of hairdryer and some more drying time. Then out to the back yard table for priming. Army Painter white spray for the Aussies, Army Painter Uniform Gray for the Germans and a few Foundry Street Violence figs that tagged along. A bit of respraying laying down to better get the undercuts, and a bit of drying time, and into the shed for stain painting undercoats. The Commonwealth desert guys got a mix of cheap craft paint brown and tan colors and some water and satin finish for extra binder in the thinning water as their stain. The Germans got a mix of Payne's Grey, some of the leftovers from the Commonwealth brown mix, and some green & olive to warm the Payne's Grey a bit towards Feldgrau. With that all drying, I painted a bit of the excess stain onto some Bones monsters to see how it would go and to not waste the paint. This is what they look like at that point, with the stain still drying (the wetness is visible on some of the German bases).
 on :
There's a bunch more of the Germans and Stree Violence guys off to the right out of frame.

And here is what three of the Commonwealth guys look like after about 30-40 minutes of painting. Not done, but pretty good already and could show up in a game as is without embarrassment.  They're jumping the queue like mad on a bunch of pirates and Dark Ages guys, but when inspiration gets the brush working, go with it.

Made a bit more progress, getting the Feldgrau in on a lot of the Germans, during a DSL outage enforced lull in an online D&D game (Barrowmaze shoutout!). When you've been painting a lot of irregular figures like Dark Ages and pirates, its easy to forget how damn fast WWII uniforms can go.

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  1. That is a wonderfully, eclectic table you have there and some great progress too.