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Thursday, February 20, 2014

Dungeons of the Gang of Four

So I have started to accumulate a pretty big collection of ink-drawn maps, and some are starting to look connected to me. There's a megadungeon brewing in there. I need a theme. So far my ideas haven't inspired me to start writing. But in this morning's coffee and map drawing session I had an idea that might just be weirdly meta enough to work. And by work, I mean keep my interest while I arrange and stock this puppy and generate ideas to help keep the stocking from being too bland.


 Use the Gang of Four Design Patterns book to theme individual levels. Have a Facade Pattern level and a Factory Pattern level, etc. Sometimes make the contents or layout work analogously to the design pattern, sometimes just let the words inspire whatever comes out. Use it as a new vein to mine for puns. have boss monsters inspired by the authors. And so on...

It may just be crossover geeky enough to keep my interest. If nothing else, trying it will make me review the patterns again and that can't be a bad thing for work.

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