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Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Original Camp Table Skirmish Rules - page 1

Digging through a shelf, looking for my Creeks and Crawdads, I found a manila folder containing a couple of printed pages that were the original Camp Table Skirmish Rules.  So here they are to be compared & contrasted with the reconstructed version.  Well almost. It's two copies of the first page and there is pretty clearly a second needed, now that I've typed it in.

The Units


Base Move: 6"
Base Range: Melee
Base Morale: 7+
Base To Hit (Melee): 8+
Base To Hit (Ranged): 9+
Wounds: 1

Figure Cost 2

Melee onlyRanged or AOECone or Ranged AOE
Ranged (3" Range)1--
Cone (6" Range Cone with 2" wide tip3--
Area of Effect (3" diameter)24-
Agile (Extra Attack)12-
Accurate (+2 to Hit)124
Brave (+2 Morale)111
Fast (+3" Move)111
Armored (-2 to be hit)111
Tough (+1 Wound)222
Leader (+1 Morale to allies within 6")222
Additional Range +6-12



Enemy uphill: -1 to hit for melee
Cover (soft): -1 to Hit
Cover (Hard, less than 1/2 exposed): -2 to hit
Base to Base contact per friend: +1 Morale
Leader within 6": +1 Morale
Enemy contact behind Frontal Arc (180 degrees): -2 Morale

Sequence of Play

Dice for Init
High Init Moves
Low Init Moves
Missiles - Both sides fire before removing casualties
Melee - Both sides fight before removing casualties
Morale Tests


Move figure up to its maximum move ( -3" if ending behind initial 180 degree frontal arc), end facing as desired.
Note: When retreating due to morale failure, you still go full speed.
Move to contact: Enemy must be most direct.

(Hm, that says page 1 at the bottom, there must have been a second page with some discussion of combat and when to test morale.)

I find one unit card in the folder, a Drow force of five figures,of four types, that I'll type in later. It is clear from that force that you pay separately to upgrade melee and ranged attacks on the same figure. To Hit, AOE or not, and number of attacks are recorded for both separately, and there is a range column as well.

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