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Sunday, February 9, 2014

Rencounter is now available in ePub format

 My Rencounter rules are now available as an epub courtesy of veteran wargamer and great guy Walt O'Hara, who did a conversion as part of learning to do the format.

Awesome! I can play with it on my iPad without getting my butt in gear first.

And another bump towards me doing a proper modern reformat/update with illustrations....


  1. Awesome news Ed! I'll have to check this out. Quite a blast from the past.

  2. Hi, Ed, glad you like it. It's not a 100% perfect conversion but I was pleased with the results-- it definitely retains the narrative of the PDF version.. I appreciate you granting implicit permission, feel free to link to it as you like.


    1. Hi Walt,
      The permission was explicit in the document itself, and your conversion fits it perfectly since you are giving it away.

      Wouldn't expect it to be a perfect conversion, given my 90s HTML that you had for starting material. Tried it on my phone, where some tables overflow across screenfuls because the phone screen is small, otherwise looked good. Haven't yet tried it on an iPad.

    2. Downloaded it to iPad at lunch today. Didn't see the blurb I expected at beginning or end (I forget which) that laid out those terms, so not there for you to find. I guess it got trimmed off in the copy from which you were working, along with the illustration at the beginning of the Jezailchis in the rocks. Looked good anyway.